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Field Staff


Tyto In The Field





B.C. Grizzly. -Aron Snyder







"These Tyto Knives are the ticket. Safe and sharp as heck!" High country mule deer buck. -Tony Trietch




"The Tyto 1.1 made easy work of breaking down my buddies AZ velvet mule deer buck. The para cord was a great help on the pack-out!"  -Grant Hottman, Kiowa Hunting Services







Wyoming highcountry solo Mule Deer buck. 

-Jordan Budd





"I'm convinced there is not a better deboning knife!" Great 3x3 high country buck. -Marlon Holden 'Graylight Hunter'








"Skinned two coastal Grizzly/Brown Bears with the Tyto 1.1 and a big fan!" -Angus, Wildcoast Outfitters




"Worked great on a few elk for me this year already!" -Colton Lee Conrad






Idaho Public Land DIY Bull Elk. 

-Adam Greentree





"These Tyto Knives blades are pretty slick! I love the surgical blade knives these days, but even a bigger fan of the fixed bladed version."

-Lance Banning












14 year old Alaskan Ram.  -Jacob Masog





"We have use these knives now on multiple animals and have no complaints! We have been able to eliminate the need to carry multiple knives and sharpeners. Just the Tyto 1.1 and blades. Which reduced our pack weight. Great product and engineering!" 

-Garrett Jones, Public Land Sportsmen







A great, high country Colorado mule deer buck. -Frank Peralta